You're Gone

by Overhill Ln

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Fantasy 01:58
i ask her, i beg her, please i whisper my prayer to the sea ruby black with pain follow the cry of the loon step by step to his tomb metaphor, pearls, and fear diamonds of gold hold the blade a dagger their heaven hast made hid in this world for my death
happy as an ant in its colony i've grown much stronger than i used to be i have a purpose now, which i could not see and i'm lifting things up to twenty times heavier than me well, life was so hard-seemed nothing was okay and i've done some things that i'd rather not say but it's been a long time and, lord, i changed my ways and i swear i feel a little taller each and every day * and to all my friends i've lost along the way yet you may not listen, well, i still want to say oh lord, forgiveness, 'tis but a needle in the hay but my head's in the clouds and that's where my head is gonna stay *
i fall in love with everybody that i meet - fall in love with everyone you meet and you know what? i'm completely insane - yeah man, completely insane and i get so angry i can't shut-up - you know i could never shut-up i always got something to say - always got somethin' good to say and you know i could never stop running my mind my motor-mouth is moving most of the time - but no one's listening! i'm not tryin' to get with you so, tell your sisters and your brother that's untrue i thought of something last night that would blow your brain - thought of somethin' that would blow your brain i'm talking about world peace - yeah, i'm talking 'bout world peace and you know it's hard being me - it's kinda hard being me being a genius don't come easily - bein' jesus ain't easy i travel all over and what do i find? a lot of hateful people calling romance a crime - but what about poetry?! i'm not tryin' to get with you so, tell the police and your husband that's untrue and just because i'm a boy it doesn't mean that i'm all about you and just because i wanna give you a tulip it doesn't mean i can't live without you! i'm not tryin' to get with you so, tell your priest and your professors that's untrue i'm not tryin' to get with you so, tell your mama and your papa that's untrue
Stoned 02:10
well i wonder if everybody turned to stone i don't get no calls on my telephone i don't get no postcards, no letters sent well i wonder where my baby went i wanna go get away i wanna leave today yes, i'm blue down to my bones i'm gonna pack my things and head back home i'm gonna- well late last night i turned on the news and i felt so guilty standing in my shoes well my baby gone done went and died she got struck my lightning and her brains got fried i'm gonna cry myself to sleep i'm gonna wring my hands until they bleed yes i'm blue, so filled with grief i wanna pull out my hair and yank out my teeth i wanna-
Friends 03:08
little sister, if you should ever want or need a friend you can call me up and i'll listen and we can talk 'til the early hours i'll write you letters and send you flowers little sister, if you ever want or need a friend little sister, well, these are my friends and they're real cool we don't have to worry 'bout no grades at school dead end jobs, well, they're a drag but we hang out and it's so rad little sister, these are my friends and they're real cool and little sister, if you should ever wanna spend the night please say so, i'll do my best not to bite i'll do the best, the best that i can to accommodate the breadth of your plans little sister, if you'd ever wanna spend the night and in that moonlight, oh, in the sunlight, it feels the same i'm just a, a couple eyeballs staring out my brain oh, what should i do today? it doesn't matter, what i do's okay little sister, i'm just eyeballs looking out of my brain
like sailboats on the ocean with their breasts pressed 'gainst the sea that glide past the horizon to soft islands far away in the hollow of those vessels from long darkness had and hewn swaying dreamers nestle tightly like the air inside balloons see the spider and the mermaid exchange secrets near a web sewn of lace and ivory passion to rend memory from the dead dreaded tiger turned to petals sallow witches casting spells kiss the murderer in his madness sending demons back to hell but, oh no, my dear sweet love you are angered, rightly so for i cannot take you with me 'yond sunset where i go so close your eyes, dear, close your eyes and all numbers count 'til through and when you wake, dear, if you wake, dear if you- if you-
Candle 02:38
* baby, a cradle black magic my hands, my body, my heart, my mind red ribbon in fiery soot *
Wild Child 03:56
well, when i'm happy i tell myself that she loves me but maybe she hates me, maybe who knows and i can feel the blood in my hands as i twirl 'cross the room with my feet here planted right on the floor and in all their bitter cacophony don't they seem to make sweet melody? wild animals in the night through the jungle hear them call wild animals in the night fearless creatures big and small well, when i'm angry i tell myself that i hate her but maybe i love her, maybe who knows and why should i spend my life drinking the ocean just to greet all my dawns with naught but prickly pores? and in all their bitter cacophony don't they seem to make sweet melody? wild animals in the night through the darkness hear them call wild animals in the night fearsome creatures one and all wild animals in the night through the jungle hear them call wild animals in the night ferocious creatures big and small wild animals in the night make such sweet melody wild animals in the night sing a song for you and me wild animals in the night through the darkness hear them call wild animals in the night silly creatures one and all
Princess 02:22
the wind wraps around my body my heart suspended in the air but oh, i've lost her my sweet lady fair the clouds billow up like mountains their blue is swimming through my eyes but oh, you can't hear me nor the teardrops i cry twilight crawls across the evening the stars are laughing 'round the moon whilst oh, kind princess the midnight flower blooms
Song 02:26
i'm gonna miss her a lot yeah, i'm-a miss her a lot but i'm-a give 'er all i got yeah, i'm-a give ya what i got so please be good to me, babe don't try to bring me down i'll have plenty of time for that dressed-up underground and as i'm ridin' high i won't care if i fall it's better to have lived and lost than never lived at all girl, you've been smashing through my mind yea, you been gettin' all my time you spill my blood, you struck me blind i don't know where to draw the line and i've been havin' nightmares nightmares just for you and, oh i hate how i love all the little things you do so, yea be gentle with me, girl please don't break my soul you got me by the ghost you are in control too late to run, no place to hide they'll lay abe lincoln on our eyes i see our friends and family cry oh, babe, oh please don't tell no lies 'cause it ain't hard, no not hard to tell the truth i never took you for a coward so don't you give 'em proof and you said you was really real, girl but is you real enough? to admit that you were wrong you got be tough


released May 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Overhill Ln Lacey, Washington

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