Long Island

by Overhill Ln

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Recorded live-in-studio on November 8th at King Bopa's in Plainview, NY.


released December 3, 2014


tags: pop Olympia


all rights reserved


Overhill Ln Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Wet Pillow
i was laying in bed in the middle of the night
when suddenly, oh, to my blood came a fright
the hand of a giant, a cold wooden floor
my eyes, they were closed - in my heart was a mirror

and when i looked
there's nothing there
but in my mind (i see)
red fingernails.

i stepped to the ground, "it was circular"
blue said to orange in solemn abjure
she sought to purchase the other one's pants
they settled the matter with compliments

but when i look
there's no one there
and then i look
and there you are!

so let the snow fall on the canyon
and all the headlights be just holes
footprints of your feathered boots, so dashing
and my cap, so debonair

millions and millions, millions of bunnies
wiggle their ears, and growling their tummies
diasporic rabbits, twitching their noses
nibbling the pricks from all the tips of the roses

and in the sand, out in the sun
it is a purr
but the man who's not a man
he is a chair

Track Name: Tittle-Tattle
well people get older
so much older still than you
and they can't help but be afriad
in a world so cruel

but soon you'll trust us too deeply
as we lie through our teeth
the people can hurt you
with the words that they say

some people get scared
say it don't do much for you
when you're out, here, in the rain
sky falling down 'round you

still people, they'll sell you
with a smile on a face
the people will help you
in their own special way

but then one loves you so strongly
that they entwine to your past
oh, people can give you
a feeling will last
Track Name: Poor Boy Mystery
baby, where you been?
baby maybe out with him?
wait, baby, look at me
pretty baby, please set me free
'cause i've been tryin' so hard for love!

baby, let me see your hands
has someone else been holding them?
baby, how i love your smile
how i wish that they was mine all mine
'cause i've been tryin' so hard for love!

baby, where you been goin'?
alright, whatever, it's not worth knowing - no way
baby, the night don't matter
it's just another poor boy mystery!
Track Name: Weddin' Gown
please forgive me
how on earth did i lie to you?
i didn't speak no malice
i just spoke too soon

please don't hold anger
for them's just chains to weigh us down
please let them go
you could make a shroud out of weddin' gown

just because you believed it
doesn't mean that it's true
and just because you conceived it
doesn't mean it belongs to you

go on and set your heart free
let it feel what it feel
love ain't good, love ain't bad
love ain't nothin' 'less it's real

please don't give-up now
let our time be example shown
please don't give-up on me
i'm your pal and i'm around


somewhere on down the line
when resting in your nappin' chair
if you dare choose remember
just close your eyes and i'll be there
Track Name: Diamondz
diamonds and pearls
diamonds and pretty little girls
is there an old man sleeping
on a park bench?
is there a prowler creeping
'yond some bog's foul stench?
diamonds and jewels

in the wintertime
it's all poofed away
my skin feels like
a prison stone
diamonds and pearls
pretty, pretty legs

well, maybe, that blue
you've been dreaming -
you probably got it right
no questions asked.
i said, "you got it, you bought
you decked it with a bow
diamonds and jewels!