by Overhill Ln

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Recorded and mastered at HomeThrone in Olympia, WA by Pual Krogh.


released April 1, 2016


tags: pop Olympia


all rights reserved


Overhill Ln Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Carry My Heart

carrie, where'd you go?
how you made my face smile
and i've been losing all of my hair
the whole long while
but i remember when i first met you
and what you dressed like back then
oh, carrie, where will've the time gone
when we meet again?


the sidewalk at night
hugs the dirty street
the neon signs
with the moon compete
but all the glitz and the glamour
it don't seem so great
my true love has left me
but it was their leave to take.

carrie, where'd you go?
to boise, idaho
street sweepers keep sweeping
as the skyscrapers glow
but do you remember when you first met me
and what i looked like to you?
could you still want me? would you still have me?
what's an "i" supposed to do?

Track Name: Indigo
well, i used to be scared
and i still am
said, i used to be afraid
i wasn't 'nough of a man
i used to fear so failin'
i sought to do me harm
never thought i'd find acceptance
in another's arms

but i kept on pushin'
'til the work got through
i kept on smilin'
though i was indigo
i kept my nose clean
so my nose didn't run
bedded down like an apple
and rose up with the dawn

well, i used to be ashamed
i'm tryin' to let that go
i used to blame myself
i told you it weren't so
you used to hide your heart
in your darkest charms
but here you are tonight
in your lover's arms

well, some people they ain't got nothin'
and some people they take what they got for granted
i said, some people they never had no one
some people with their own pain 'come enchanted
some peoples' minds are filled with fire
they'd long to lay down and die
but they're just too damn tired

said, i used to be afraid
and i still am
but i do what i do
and i does what i can
said, hey, good-lookin'
you know you drove me insane
why won't you dance a little closer
and, come on, do it again

we just gotta stay pushin'
'til the work gets through
i'm-a keep on smilin'
honey, how 'bout you?
we all got wheels
to roll us home
and even when we're lost
we ain't quite alone
Track Name: Hold Me Close
hold me close, hold me close
hold your heart next to mine
hold me tight, hold me tight
treat me kind, treat me kind

let me wake in the morning
steady guide me towards night
hold me close, hold me close
treat me right, treat me right

let the pain of these shadows
be dispersed with the light
hold me close, hold me close
love with all of your might

you hold the light and the jewel of sleep
Track Name: Yellow Balloon
and as in time we stand
i'll gently take your hand
oh, can't i swell a red romance tonight
like so many done before?

and can i buy a big balloon?
a big yellow wonderful balloon?
oh, can't i weave that clever hex tonight
cast a million times or more?

you may, giddyap!
i can't get enough
of your touch and your love
my lucky stars above.

and it can be quite hard to love me
but i swear, it won't stay bad
and you might think I'm quick to judge you
but you know, it ain't like that

and we've been climbing up some bitter mountains
towards the emerald halls of the ageless fountain
but i swear it all just fantasy
there ain't nobody here 'cept you and me

is that so? 'tis true
what luck out-the-blue
silhouetting you
sail through, sail through, sail through

why count the grains of sand?
day'll surely leave this land
come, let us taste the pangs of joy tonight
with their million sighs adorned

and can i forgive myself to me?
and wait here oh so patiently?
oh, can't i tonight not speak immaculately
like yon far off spotless shore?

you may, giddyap!
i can't get enough
of your touch and your love
my lucky stars above.
Track Name: Mirror, I
step into the sunlight
the warm, blessed sunlight

it feels good to be bad
so good, oh so bad

you ran to the window
straight as an arrow


mirror, mesmerize
mirror-mirror, i

Track Name: Lonesome Feeling
believe you could
doesn't mean you can
you say i should
won't read your hand

i 'ready got something going on
and i don't care to see myself get wronged
mime at night, mimicking the dark

ain't you got nothing better to do
ain't you got, you crazy fool?
ain't you got no place better to be?
sleepwalking echo, sweet-talking me.

by your eyes
i see you're haunted
with fairy tales
gotten things you've wanted

you can't see i'm happy what i have
won't you believe i've got a soul to save?
perfect riddle sat proudly in your chair


with what you've had
haven't had enough
guess you ain't glad
'til fate's used up

said you, judge and executioner
'fraid to go places you ain't never were
snatch it fast, throw caution to the wind
broken trust in time may find amends